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Stone Veneer

Stone veneer, also known as stone veneer siding, stone siding and faux stone siding, really adds a wow factor to your home’s exterior.
Whether you use stone veneer siding as an accent to your home’s exterior or use full-on stone veneer, you are making a statement.  We work with several manufacturers including El Dorado Stone.

Each piece is cast from a special mold of an actual stone, to give each stone and brick the shape, texture and size of authentic stone. They are then hand painted with natural mineral oxides to infuse them with the colors of nature.

More than 50 profiles and 150 color palettes are available to choose from, so there is sure to be an Eldorado Stone that’s just right.

If you have another stone veneer siding manufacturer in mind, whether due to your individual tastes or budget, we will install those products as well. Call us today at 443-507-5100 to schedule a free estimate.