Too many times I have seen homeowners wait to do repairs to their home until something happens that forces the issue. Most of the time, what changes the homeowner’s mind on having the work done has to do with additional damage done such as interior damage from a leaking roof that needs to be repaired/ replaced, or selling the home that needs more appeal or upgrades. In my 36 years in the business, this is the one homeowner mistake that I have always wanted to help change.
My message is that if something should be done, DO IT NOW. If you’re not sure, at least have a professional look your home over and point out possible trouble spots. If a repair should be done, or if in the case of maintenance, additional repairs can be prevented, DO IT NOW. Such inspections can be done by a licensed home inspector or home improvement contractor. At least then, you’ll know. But if your roof is 15 years old and above, have it looked at, if the caulk on your windows and doors is 5 years old or older, it’s probably time to have it redone. Interior repairs may include a toilet not working right, a leaky faucet, or simple wall repair. Insulation is also one item often overlooked. These repairs will save money long term in saving on heating bills, additional repairs and give a more comfortable stress free living. Just paint alone can change the appearance and the feeling of a room. And, in most cases, it is inexpensive.
What I find the most heartbreaking is when I get a call from a client who needs work done to make their home more appealing so that it can be sold. If parts of your home do not appeal to you, my recommendation is to do something to upgrade those areas while you can enjoy them. After all, you’re paying for them. It has always bothered me that I do these upgrades and my client pays for them, but does not get the chance to enjoy them. That benefit goes to the next owner. Sure, it helps with the sale in that it shortens the length of time the home is on the market as well as a potential increased in price. I feel that the full benefit of such upgrades and repairs is not realized if the use is not enjoyed by the one paying for them.
Just a thought.


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