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Sunrooms from Archit Design / Build Inc. allow you to expand your living space, and bring the outdoors in, year round! Sunrooms have come a long way from the glassed-in porches of the 1960s. Today’s versions are truly year-round rooms featuring cathedral ceilings, skylights, energy-efficient windows, tile flooring, heat, and air conditioning.

Also known as Florida rooms, conservatories and solariums, sunroom additions usually become the family’s favorite hangout spot. Pets love them, too!

A sunroom can consist of walls and a roof built entirely of windows, connected by a strong cage of metal, wood or vinyl. But the traditional sunroom is built like any other addition — using standard construction techniques and a roof that matches the rest of the house — just with a lot more windows. Sunrooms usually have 20 or more windows, plus skylights.

The team at Archit Design and Build can create a sunroom that ties in well with your house’s style, flow, and structure. As with any addition, we’ll get all the needed building permits and closely adhere to local zoning laws about how closely you can build toward property lines, how big your home can become, and other restrictions. While we’re at it, we can design your sunroom so that it is handicap accessible, for years of future use.

Where should it go?

One ideal spot for a sunroom is off of the kitchen, since that’s where so much of a home’s traffic is. But if not the kitchen, make sure it’s next to some major public gathering space, such as the family room, living room, or dining room. A good rule of thumb is that the sunroom location should get at least four hours of direct sunlight each day so it’s truly a sunroom.

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