In most cases, deciding on the scope of a project is not the beginning of the process. The beginning is deciding to do something about a need. The need can be an upgrade to a bathroom, or more space in the form of additional bedrooms or place where the family can relax or entertain. Then the work begins.

Once the need is identified, then the scope can be addressed. For example, many of the kitchen remodel requests that I have seen are just too small. The solution in many these cases include an addition to allow for the expansion. To make the most of any project, all possibilities should be explored. I always try to do my original design to satisfy the entire client wish list and shape the final scope of work to the long term need. If the location of the home is good, good schools, not too far from work, good place to raise a family, then price should be a secondary part of decision process, satisfying the need is primary.

And then there is the budget. The dollars do play an important role in the final scope of work. If your going to spend on a project, the wise decision is to get what you want. Do you really want to buy something the does not satisfy your needs? With money, interest on loans, so cheap these days, and banks willing to lend, look to the long term benefits of a “job done right” rather than getting something that you feel you can “make work” and not really be happy with.

Looking at the benefits of a project and the long term satisfaction that you will get and that will tell you what to do and define the scope of work.

We try to do it right the first time. That way we know that you will think fondly of us, long term. This is where we got our company motto, “Making your house your home."

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